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Desirable Qualities of Gestational Surrogates

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Parenthood gets regarded as a blessing. People always look forward to having kids of their own. The ultimate goal for almost all marriages is to raise a family with kids. However, some parents may not have the privilege to sire their children. Some females may not be able to carry a pregnancy. Such ladies always undergo a lot of hard times. The inability to carry a pregnancy leads to family issues that, in some cases, may develop into matters such as divorce. Such cases should not be allowed to transpire since technology has improved a lot. Mothers who are unable to carry their pregnancies can acquire assistance through surrogacy.

Surrogacy is the process through which a woman's fertilized egg gets placed in another woman's womb for development. A woman that carries a pregnancy on behalf of another woman is called a surrogate mother. The number of gestational surrogates has significantly increased in the recent past. Some people practice gestational surrogacy for pay. There are cases where a woman can carry a pregnancy, but for one reason or another, the woman has no fertile eggs. Such a woman can opt for egg donation. The woman will get a fertilized egg placed in her womb for development.

Several egg banks exist in various towns. A woman who wishes to donate their eggs may visit such centers where they can donate their eggs. Generally, to donate eggs or to be a surrogate, a person should possess some qualities. Described herein are desirable qualities of gestational surrogates.

First, the surrogates should be of the appropriate age. There exist a specific age bracket where a lady can produce healthy eggs. A person that has reached the menopause age cannot become a surrogate. Similarly, people in their early reproductive ages might not have developed enough to undertake the role of surrogacy. The law also requires that surrogates be of legal age.

The second quality of a surrogate that is desired is drug-free. Smoking and abusing hard drugs affect the quality of the egg. Smoking women, therefore, cannot donate their eggs. Gestational surrogates will jeopardize the safety of the pregnancy they are carrying is they happen to abuse any drug.

The other quality is that surrogates should be physically fit. The body and mental health of a surrogate should be in perfect condition. Some couples may also specify that they want a surrogate who has never been convicted of a criminal offense.

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